Understand Your People. Safeguard Your Business.

The prevalence and impact of the internet in daily life is profound. In a professional context, the need to understand this activity has been recognised for some time, with over 85% of all recruits being ‘Googled’ before or during an assessment process.

hooareyoo professionalises this ad hoc and unstructured approach to support organisations who want to systematically protect their workplace, using leading technology that ensures the process is data compliant, ethical and fair to the individual.

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We are at the forefront of clinical psychology profiling and data science integration


We utilise the latest in AI and machine-learning techniques to interrogate digital content


We offer unrivalled analysis into an individual’s public online activity and behaviour

Safeguarding your business begins by protecting your team

The hooareyoo Digital Risk Assessment is a security check that assesses the online activity of any individual, looking for toxic behaviour that might pose a safeguarding or reputational threat. With UK adults averaging almost six hours online every day, the requirement now for businesses to protect their staff from hate material, offensive conduct and other inappropriate behaviour is just as relevant in the digital world as it is in the office.

It is therefore increasingly important to be sure that your staff demonstrate in their online activities the same tolerance and positivity that will make them a successful leader and team-player in the workplace. Additionally, today, reputational risk can as easily stem from staff actions in the world outside work as decisions made in the boardroom.

The hooareyoo solution

Undertaken during the recruitment, vetting and training of individuals in positions of responsibility the hooareyou Digital Risk Assessment uses an ethically-designed software solution that supports a culture of awareness and understanding around digital, social media and other online activity.

Think of it as a DBS check, only much more detailed and relevant to today’s online culture – identifying potentially problematic behavioural characteristics rather than the presence of a criminal record.

Using leading Machine Learning principles and digital technology, our analysis uses consented searches of only public available content to ensure that visible, highly damaging and harmful behaviour is identified – protecting your clients and staff alike and creating a positive, supportive and tolerant workplace.

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Safeguarding in the Digital era

hooareyoo delivers innovative, technology-based solutions that help businesses understand their people, safeguard their reputation and demonstrate an unprecedented degree of due diligence.

By applying Clinical Psychology, digital interrogation and data science techniques we provide insight into potential risks posed by certain online conduct and a route to limit and ultimately improve problematic behaviour by your employees, or potential employees, in sensitive workplace environments.

“I have been really impressed by the guys at hooareyoo and the professional and insightful service they offer. They have provided complete peace of mind that my vetting procedures are fair and balanced yet comprehensive. ”

— Owner of Leading UK Care Home Franchise