Digital Risk Assessment

The hooareyou Digital Risk Assessment is a report that checks individuals’ open and attributable online activity for key toxic behaviours.

Whereas a DBS check will only flag the presence of a criminal record, our analysis is far more detailed and relevant to today’s digital world, where problematic online behaviour can point to potential issues around safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable people.

Our analysis of online activity uses consented searches of only public available content to ensure that visible, highly damaging and harmful behaviour is identified – protecting your clients, your staff and your workplace. To put it simply: if an individual’s online behaviour displays attitudes and characteristics that would be inappropriate in the workplace, this report will show you that.

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The hooareyoo Digital Risk Assessment Process

The hallmark of the assessment is our non-invasive process; being fully compliant, utilising only publicly available information and undertaken with the full support of the individual being analysed.


Customer provides basic details of the individual(s) they wish to be assessed, via a secure client portal


That individual(s) is contacted by hooareyoo, where the process is explained and their consent is requested


The online identity of the consented individual is confirmed by our software and all applicable online channels are identified


Our algorithm recognises any postings that maybe infer toxic behaviour and flags potential issues against the context of where the content is found

An Ethical Approach

There is an increasing trend for employees to check the online content and activity for their current and prospective employees.

hooareyoo supports businesses to make these checks in an open, transparent and professional manner, being clear with candidates that these checks are taking place and integrating this into pre or post recruitment routines.

Behavioural Analysis at a Glance

The Digital Risk Assessment delivers a certificate and report of the findings against eight key behavioural areas:

Far Left/Right affiliations

Any open-source online content linked to banned or extremist groups. Reviewed in context.


A review of online profanity, in its original posting context


Reviewing the tone and sentiment of an individual’s online commentary

Hate material

Online content demonstrating hostility towards a person’s race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability

Violent images

Re-posting graphic images – violent, medical or self-harm – that might cause significant distress to viewers

Adult images

Including pornography, nudity and lewd or provocative images

Compulsive behaviour

Behavioural traits observable online that suggest impulsive decision-making


Indications of a lack of self-restraint and self-awareness that can negatively impact personal and professional relationships

Benefits at a Glance


In comparison to DBS checking


Covering a wide range of potential risk


Going beyond minimum requirements


Integrated with complicit consent


Fully GDPR compliant


Can you afford not to?