Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Since the company’s inception, all of our processes, methods and products have been designed to ensure full compliance with GDPR. We have undertaken a full legal review of our business practices to ensure that we not only adhere to the letter of GDPR but also operate within the spirit of the legislation.

This is a timely question and a good one for us to consider in light of other public events. Most of us regularly consent to our credit score and criminal records being checked when we apply for particular roles or financial products and this is much the same principle. Under normal circumstances our profiling requires explicit consent meaning we do not investigate any subject without their agreement. To ensure there is no undue pressure or duress placed upon a person to agree to a check they do not wish to take place, we make contact with the individual directly and clearly explain what we are offering and how we dispose of their data once the profile is completed. We work with a range of clients in a variety of circumstances where legislation permits our work without explicit consent from the individual concerned, for example in cases involving Powers of Attorney. In some circumstances we obtain consent from parties other than the subject but, in all instances, do so in line with all legislation that touches the case.

Yes. The hooareyoo™ product has been specifically designed for use by both public and private businesses and organisations to help them gain a more accurate insight into the online profile of individuals.

One of the motivations for building our product was to allow business to move away from the hugely inefficient and potentially inaccurate method of ‘googling’ somebody or checking ad hoc sites at random.

We analyse all major online platforms (including search engines, social media platforms, forums, etc.) using a researched and evidence-based methodology to review, analyse, rank and score this data in a systematic manner. Our software combines algorithm based matrixes blended with industry expert opinion to provide definitive measures plus a narrative commentary on areas of particular interest within each report.

The hooareyoo report is extremely comprehensive. It provides an overall comparative assessment (the ‘main score’) plus insight into a person’s online visibility, online activity, influence & reach, social impact, education, career and much more. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

The hooareyoo™ product does not have access to private content on any individual. It only builds personal profiles from publicly available information that the subject has elected to post openly on the internet in a manner attributable to them. We are simply able to search for this data using an extremely comprehensive, efficient and expedient methodology and then analyse it in a unique way.

Yes. We are able to manipulate our software to analyse particular areas of interest that may suit the sector that your organisation operates within. Please contact us to discover how we can do this.

Not at present. However, it is our intention to create an API for our software in the near future so you can run your own reports whenever you wish. Currently, we provide you with secure portal access for you to supply us with the details of the individuals that you wish to receive profile reports on.

Yes. We are committed to safeguarding and preserving the security of our client data. As a UK based business, we are registered with the ICO and comply with all relevant UK and EU data protection legislation.

Each report or set of reports is delivered via a secure web link for you to access and download should you wish to. Remember that if you download and store any of these records you will need to adhere to any relevant data protection legislation.

No. As detailed above, we will send you a fully comprehensive profile report on each individual you request via a secure web link. We keep the link ‘live’ for 30 days from sending it to you (in case you delete or misplace the original link and require it again) after which we permanently delete each record and all associated data.

Not yet. At present the hooareyoo™ profiling service is only open to registered companies and organisations. However, it is our intention to open up the service to private individuals early in 2018. We realise the importance of people having an online profile that accurately reflects who they are, their interests, passions and opinions. We have developed the hooareyoo™ product to allow individuals to understand how their digital footprint it made up and will provide specific advice and online tools to enable them to adjust any inaccuracies and to improve their profile in areas where they feel appropriate. You can of course include yourself in the profiles we run for any business or corporate client.

hooareyoo is currently only trading within the United Kingdom, with businesses who are also registered within the United Kingdom. If you are interested in our products and services outside the UK, please make contact to discuss the specific requirements you have and we will endeavour to find a solution for you.