Digital Risk Assessment

Online Behavioural Analysis

The hooareyooTM Digital Risk Assessment

Systematically scanning online, open-source content, hooareyoo™ instantly collates, assesses and interprets multiple data-streams to identify content that is a potential risk to your staff, your clients and your workplace. The Digital Risk Assessment focuses on key areas of concern, from extremist material to hate speech, profanity and offensive conduct.


hooareyoo™ have a seamless reporting platform that instantly contacts clients directly, removing delays associated with checks such as enhanced DBS


Using digital checks before employment allows due-diligence to take place before hiring, meaning the workplace is more likely to be a safe, inclusive environment for all.


The transparency and ethos of taking appropriate steps with staff and prospects supports an atmosphere of awareness and understanding.

Effective Reporting

Our reports are written in simple, straight-forward language with hyperlinks directly to the source content, so that it can be seen in context.