Where We Work

We provide an unprecedented level of insight into an individual’s online cognitive behaviour based on their digital footprint and ensure your recruitment procedures are as efficient and precise as possible and are fully compliant with relevant data legislation.

Augmented with DBS checks and references, social media analysis actually provides a more meaningful, deeper insight into an individual’s online behaviour to mitigate risk around the vulnerability of students. Our support significantly enhances your e-safety and safeguarding policies.

For most businesses the social media activity of employees and associates can have a significant impact – both positively and negatively. Understanding and influencing this behaviour can both enhance your reputation and mitigate significant commercial risk.

Health & Social Care
The Care Quality Commission requires you to undertake robust policies in the recruitment and ongoing employment of staff. Assessment of the online activity and personality traits of any individual responsible for frontline care will help confirm that patient confidentiality is being maintained.

Legal & Paralegal
We help you secure a higher calibre of personnel, providing a significant competitive advantage. We enable you to demonstrate due diligence through an awareness of an employee’s online activity during recruitment and throughout their employment.

Security & Vetting
Updating your vetting procedures to include digital footprint profiling will significantly reduce exposure to Insider Threat and other security risks. It provides empirical evidence of a robust due diligence process, gives your clients added peace of mind and delivers a greater return on investment.

Construction & Engineering
In an industry reliant on so much temporary and contractual labour, a formal process of considering the online behaviour of potential recruits can sit seamlessly with other checks such as CSCS qualifications and provide a competitive advantage in enhancing the calibre of your workforce.

Other Sectors
Our range of products and consulting services has relevance for your business, whatever sector you operate in. Please contact us today to find out how we can add value to your procedures and migrate security and other commercial risks.